Repairs and Maintenance


Your scooter will require regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. Good battery maintenance is key and a guide to keeping you batteries working at their best is provided when you purchase a new scooter from us. But key points to remember to keep you scooter running at its best are:

  • Always charge your batteries fully and then run them completely down before recharging.
  • Store your scooter indoors (where possible) or keep it under a specially designed scooter cover.
  • Try not to keep the scooter wet to avoid rusting.
  • If your scooter does require any engineering or repair work then please feel free to contact us to arrange an engineer to come and see you.


Powerchairs are very similar to scooters in their requirements for maintenance. It is even more important to store these inside in a dry place due to their design (this is usually the case due to their functionality). As powerchairs are usually the user’s main mobility lifeline, it is key to keep an eye on certain elements of the chair:

  • Keep an eye on battery usage. Book an engineer visit if you notice your battery life has shortened.
  • Make a note of any malfunctions or strange happenings with the control stick.
  • Also make sure the chair is stopping correctly when the control stick is released.
  • If you notice any issues arising with you powerchair it is very important that you contact our us at the earliest opportunity.


Stairlifts are a very important part of many people’s lives and as such need to be kept working in the best order. We offer a yearly service on all our stairlifts that we install and also have a set of qualified certified engineers who are able to come out to you and sort out any problems you may be having

General Products

We have engineers available to look at a number of products if required, as well as replacing batteries. In the rare event of you encountering any problems with any of your equipment such as; scooter, powerchair, riser recline chair, disability bed, we have instant access with a number of spare parts to help provide quick solutions to your problems.

Insurance and Extended Warranty

At Advantage Mobility we offer our own insurance and extended warranty packages to our customers through “Mark Bates Insurance”. The sign up pack for insurance is supplied when you purchase a scooter, powerchair or stairlift with us.